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We are currently looking into starting a clinic in the Milford, Ohio area.

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Remote Access Clinics (RAC's) utilizes telemedicine as a means to reach the unreached. In areas where it may be too dangerous to travel, clinics can be set up remotely here in the states, using Internet based apps.

How RAC's work:

Nationals will be trained in the use of telemedical equipment here in the US, then sent back to their respective countries with the equipment. Such equipment includes real time digital stethoscopes, digital otoscopes, and smart phone / tablets. Medicine transportation to the respective countries will also be arranged prior to clinic start dates; nationals will be trained in how to dispense the medications as well. Clinics will be set up on pre-arranged dates with our host organizations.

It is our hope that this will bring aid to those who are currently in dangerous situations. Due to the delicate nature of this endeavor, we cannot publicly disclose locations or times of such clinics.

Telemedical equipment does not come without a cost, neither does training foreign nationals.

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BOHMM will accept unused medicines and supplies. All medicines must have an expiration date of at least 3 months from today's date. Click here for a list of items we can accept.

As we are currently a small organization, we must make arrangements for shipping of medicines and supplies. If you would like to make a goods donation, send us an email so that shipping arrangements can be made. Thank you!

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